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 808 Car Keys Micro Camera Review
hope it can help your life safe and happiness

#11 Camera
Visit the Tom Frank #11 forum where there are thousands of posts about it.
The "jumbo #11" is functionally identical to the #11.  I don't review the jumbo.
The #11 is one version of the 808 car keys micro camera.
This camera takes real HD 720p (1280x720) MOV H.264 video.
FYI the #11 manufacturer says the #18 is an improved version.

Table of Contents
#11 Real 808 HD Camera
#11 RCGroups
#11 Buyer Report
#11 Avidemux

130710 - The 808 #11 and #18 camera module are the same and can be bought on eBay.

808 #11 Links
Isoprop's description of the 808 #11 and #16 differences.

120330 - #11 Changing to Micro USB A Small 8 pin Connector
120405 - Correction.  Seems that the new #11 (and #18) connector will be smaller and different, but not micro USB.
See the connectors compared here

120330 - This Thai seller of micro cameras ( sent me this #11 information.  I think he is saying that new #11 cameras will come with the micro USB connector instead of the mini USB connector.  The #11 jumbo continue to use the mini USB connector.  FYI, the micro USB connector has become the world standard way of charging cell phones and is now a European requirement. 

... one more adding detail OF #11. For #11 808 has been changed mini usb port to smaller (same size as #18). But Jumbo #11 did not change (still use old one)

120319 - #11 Instruction: Webcam and Photo
KeithLuneau posted this information at RCGroups

To get into webcam mode:
  • Turn off the camera, then plug in USB.
  • The red LED will show that it's charging.
  • Hold down the shutter button (small one all the way to the front), and while holding it, hold down the power button (larger one right behind the shutter button).
  • The LED will blink then flash a couple times, and you'll hear the tone in Windows when it connects. You can release the buttons when the LED is solid yellow.
  • The yellow LED will stay on. It should now show up as a webcam, and Windows will probably install the drivers for it if this is the first time you've used it on that PC as a webcam.
  • You can use AmCap, or just about any other program meant to use a webcam to view the video stream from it.
Taking pictures and stills:
  • A quick press of the power button turns the camera on, and shortly after the LED lights it will blink once. It's in movie mode, this is default when it's powered up.
  • A quick press of the small button will start recording a movie, the LED will flash a few times then go dark while it records. Quick press the small button again, and it stops recording and the LED comes on again. It's still in movie mode, and you should be able to record another movie.
  • While it's in movie mode (and not recording), quick press the larger power button to switch to picture mode. It will blink the LED once to confirm that it changed modes. Now a quick press of the small button takes a picture, and the LED blinks once when it takes it. (I say blinks, it goes dark for about 1/2 a second)
  • You can now quick press the large button to go back to movie mode, or hold down the large button until the LED switches off the turn the camera off.

101229 - 808 HD Thread on RCGroups
Tom Frank started an 808 HD (808 720p version #11) thread at
The REAL HD Key Cam Thread

"randall1959" started the original 808 (808 480p versions) thread.  It also includes some recent posts about the 808 HD:
The MEGA Keyfob Camera thread.................

110816 - Use Avidemux to convert MOV to MP4
The MOV files produced by the 808 #11 can easily be converted to MP4, without re-encoding the video, using the free program Avidemux.

The 808 #11 produces an MOV wrapper containing an H.264 video stream and a PCM audio stream.  H.264 is also called AVC.

When converted to MP4 the video stream can remain H.264 and does not need to be re-encoded.  The audio stream needs to be re-encoded to AAC.  Avidemux will do all of this for you.

Download, install and run Avidemux.
Open an 808 #11 MOV file.
Select Video copy, Audio AAC and format MP4 (I guess "MP4 PSP" would be some PlayStation Portable variant).
Then save as filename.mp4.

110526 - #11 New Firmware
See the Tom Frank #11 review for information about new 808 #11 firmware release 2.

Michal says - I checked it with my new camera and it is working properly (i checked “remove time - release” only).   Chinese didn’t had cameras to send, because someone did wrong mainboards for them. They informed me they will send me my camera after 20th may 2011. The did so. I tried ALL previous firmware versions for #11 and all caused it to malfunction. In the meantime I found this release, which is on the web from 20th may 2011!   Supposedly , all cameras sent after 20th May 2011 are of new architecture and need new firmware.

110409 - #11 Review Video on YouTube
Very good review video of the #11 camera, by Techmoan.

110202 - QuickTime Error: bad public movie atom
The #11 camera produces MOV video files and sometimes they are corrupt.  QuickTime can report the following error when playing a corrupt MOV file:
Error -2002: a bad public movie atom was found in the movie.

For more information about this error do a Google search of  "bad public movie atom

Instead of QuickTime, try the VLC player.  It plays most everything.

Search the
 RCGroups forum thread "the real HD key cam thread".  They discuss just the #11.  This problem is discussed there.

I don't have a #11 and don't know much about MOV format.

AVI files have "chunks" of data, and MOV files have "atoms" of data.  One or more of these are corrupt or missing.   Hopefully someone will write a program to fix a corrupted MOV file.  That program does not seem to exist.

When you record a video, some 808 cameras create a large empty video file and then start filling it with video and audio.  It is playable only if that process ends gracefully.  If something goes wrong like the battery dies or the flash card gets pulled out, the file exists but the data is corrupt.

I would try to import the MOV file into one or more video editor.  Hopefully you will find one that "overlooks" the error.  Then you can re-encode the video.


I did a Google search.  There is much discussion of the MOV "bad public movie atom" problem.  Here are some comments:

There is a potential workaround if you are unable to procure the original, undamaged file: try playing the file with  VLC  instead of QuickTime Player. VLC has much looser error-handling and will attempt to play the file even if it is badly damaged.

The thing you have to understand is that the bad public movie atom error only appears on QuickTime and on no other program. So try playing it on another player such as VLC or something else.

So after a lot of frustrating hours searching the web for a solution ... I decided to re-encode the video and see if it could be Compatible with QuickTime.  I am using Handbrake, I imported the video to Handbrake, I am saving it as a .M4V (so that it can be read in iTunes 'n QuickTime). As far as the Audio settings are concerned, I am selecting "Unknown AAC() " Option ... is that incorrect?  Coz I end up with a .M4V video that plays beautifully in QuickTime and iTunes but no Audio!!!

110115 - #11 Buyer Report
Christian received a #11.  His comments:
I would like to reassure you that the 808 HD camera from eletoponline365 is a real HD camera!
I'm really happy to have it and now I'm going to take one more.
I've tested a little bit and I can say that audio is really good ( sounds like better than my other 808 v3 and v6 cameras) video is excellent and tomorrow ill try it on my RC models.
Also it has some really nice options, first it doesn't need to be on hard disk mod when connected on pc, it can be just connect and recharge.
It can be recharged and at the same time record video! and make photos!
Also it has 2 mode one for photo ( no standby switch off mod ) and video mod ( after 30 seconds it switch off automatically ).
The packages come with the camera , USB cable ( seems to works only as charger to me ... ) and car USB charger.
Now I'm going to try it as car video recorder and if I can I'll upload the video tonight ;)

101208 - #11 Real 808 HD Camera
Here are 808 HD sample outdoor YouTube videos, produced by eBay seller eletoponline365.

                                  To see the HD resolution choose 720p and Full Screen.

Some computers (netbooks and smart phones) don't have the horsepower to play HD without dropping frames.

Claimed 1280x720 HD 808 Camera

Claimed 1280x720 HD 808 Camera
eBay sellers internet-shop365 and eletoponline365 are selling an 808 camera claimed to have a real 1280x720 (HD) native video resolution and records in H.264 MOV format.  The delivered price is about US$40, about 4 times the price of other 808 cameras.  Additional features include the ability to record video while powered from the USB cable (car flight recorder) and an audio recorder mode.

The seller offers sample video files that seem to back up this claim.  Many 808 sellers have listed and sold 808 cameras that are fake HD (#4).  A fake HD camera has a 640x480 image sensor that is upscaled to a 1280x720 AVI file. 

Until someone has an 808 HD camera in hand and tests it, reasonable people should be skeptical. 

The sample videos are in H.264 MOV format.  The 65 second sample has these KMPlayer properties:
● General - Format : MPEG-4, Format profile : QuickTime, Codec ID : qt , File size : 54.7 MiB, Duration : 1mn 5s, Overall bit rate : 7 061 Kbps
● Video #1 - Format
: AVC, Format/Info : Advanced Video Codec, Format profile : Main@L5.0, Format settings, CABAC : Yes, Format settings, ReFrames : 1 frame, Codec ID : avc1, Codec ID/Info : Advanced Video Coding, Duration : 1mn 5s, Bit rate mode : Variable, Bit rate : 6 546 Kbps, Width : 1 280 pixels, Height : 720 pixels, Display aspect ratio : 16/9, Frame rate mode : Constant, Frame rate : 30.000 fps, Resolution : 24 bits, Colorimetry : 4:2:0, Scan type : Progressive, Bits/(Pixel*Frame) : 0.237, Stream size : 50.7 MiB (93%)   
● Audio #2
- Format : PCM, Format settings, Endianness : Little, Format settings, Sign : Signed, Codec ID : sowt, Duration : 1mn 5s, Bit rate mode : Constant, Bit rate : 512 Kbps, Channel(s) : 1 channel, Sampling rate : 32.0 KHz, Resolution : 16 bits, Stream size : 3.97 MiB (7%)

Here are two sample video files claimed to be from this HD 808 camera. - 56 megabytes, 65 seconds. - about 18 megabytes, 21 seconds.

Here is an original 1280x720 video frame C11/images/HD Video 1280 × 720 30FPS[09-27-44].JPG

Cropped part of a frame capture from a 1280x720 sample video.

Speculation - What the resolution would probably look like if the native frame resolution was 640x360 and upscaled to 1280x720 (top video frame rescaled to 640x360, then back to 1280x720).

This is the difference of the top and middle images.  The lighter areas show where the top image has more detail (sharper edges).


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